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I graduated from Northwestern University with a B.A. in Communications. I have extensive tutoring and homework assistance experience with all grade levels, specializing in standardized test prep for Middle and Upper Levels, in addition to individual subject tutoring. I was on High Honor Roll all 4 years of high school, a National AP Scholar, and valedictorian of my high school class at one of the top private college prep schools on the west coast, The Meadows School. What makes me stand out as a tutor is that I truly am invested in my clients; not solely their letter grades but also their stress levels and test-taking confidence. I understand what it's like to be a student in a highly competitive academic environment, and I believe that today kids are under even more pressure than ever to stand out and succeed. I love to incorporate relaxation techniques and stress-busters leading up to exams. I meet each student where they are at mentally with a teamwork attitude! I am consistently given positive feedback directly from parents not only for improving test scores and raising grades but also for my calm, reassuring, and upbeat demeanor (Especially work well with kids who may be shy or self-conscious). I don’t think homework should ever feel like a drag! Challenging at times, yes! But I have a knack for taking mundane math concepts or less-than-exciting writing prompts and turning our lessons into a collaboration, finding ways to get inspired about what we are focusing on. I don’t believe in rushing my kids for the sake of getting ahead; the most important thing is building a strong foundation and understanding WHY we are studying certain concepts (for example, relating certain math areas to real life examples I.e. explaining slope using architecture or something actually tangible rather than just an obscure “formula” to memorize). My biggest strengths are formal essay writing, grammar, reading comprehension, standardized tests, and pre-algebra/middle school math. Last year 90% of my clients with a tutoring company in Los Angeles increased their scores in ALL 3 areas of the ISEE Exam! I cater my teaching style and pace according to each individual student. I am not a drill sergeant and I have a great sense of humor, but I will challenge you and make you work! I'm serious about the work and if you are too, I am here to help you out!



Northwestern University





Awards & Honors




National AP Scholar


1st place winner of statewide Faulkner essay contest


Student of the Year Spanish 4


Student of the Year Geometry

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