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Bonjour! Hello! I am Tiziri, I am located in Tampa, Florida (Eastern time)!
I like to travel, so I have an interest in languages, and I am passionate about teaching and discovering new cultures. I hold a master's degree in International Finance and Business. I taught kids for couple years back home and in the Library as a volunteer for several semesters when I was in college.
I possess excellent communication skills, a friendly personality, and a great ability to customize lessons for different audiences.

We learn at any age! Being younger are able to absorb such a sponge!
I propose courses to speak and improve the French language quickly, be fluid and reduce the accent. I tutor all ages, I am available in-person and online.

The approach that I use teaches my students to relate upon memorization via repeat exposure to the written form of a word paired with an image and audio. The goal of the Language Experience Method is to teach students to read and pronounce words that are meaningful to them. Vocabulary can then be combined to create stories that the students are provided to or relate to. Flexibility in our approach is the key. Combine methods, teaching strategies and provide the right accommodations, particularly for students who have specific learning differences make their learning easy and fast.

The question most often asked by students is: "How long does it take to learn a language?"-For me, learning a language depends mainly on three factors: The student's attitude; The time available and, the degree of interest in the language.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions. I would be happy to give you French lessons according to your needs.




Boston University

International Business and Finance





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