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Qualifications & Experience

Professional teacher / trainer / coach / consultant of English language.
I have been teaching English to adults and children for the most part of the last 20 years.
My highest educational degree is Master of Science in International and Intercultural Education. (Florida, USA)
As for my qualifications TEFL Professional certified and TESOL certified, recognized worldwide as leading qualifications to teach English as a foreign language and to teach English to the speakers of other languages.
In addition, I have taken many courses around the world including courses offered at Harvard and Cambridge Universities and at Tsinghua University in Beijing China, all supported with verified certificates.
I enjoy helping and guiding learners to approach the English language in a way that leads to fluency.
I have a passion to see my students / learners go further with the skills I taught them.
I do also specialize in teaching English for Specific Purposes (ESP), a learner-centered approach to teaching English as an additional language, which focuses on developing communicative competence in a specific discipline such as academics, accounting, banking, IT, pharmaceutical, medical, scientific, Legal & Law, Law enforcement, tourism, teaching, real estate, insurance, engineering, business in general.
The reasons students / learners should study with me are that, I’m an English language speaker and a qualified teacher who can give them insights into English culture and teach them idiomatic expressions that will make them sound natural and more like as natives.
Experience:General English, Business English, Conversation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation, Reading, Writing, IELTS, History, Geography.
In my free time, I enjoy cycling, swimming, volleyball, tennis, gardening, fishing, volunteering, relaxing.



Florida International University

Science in International & Inyercultural Education




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