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Hi everyone! My name is Ryan Krug. I graduated from the University of South Florida in 2017 with a BA in chemistry and began my career as a teacher at the start of the 2018 - 2019 school year. In addition to being a teacher, I am both a tutor and a college counselor. I can help you prep for the SAT. I can assist you with writing college application essays. I can show you how to a design portfolio and help you get into the college/university of your dreams. I can also assist you with a wide variety of mathematics and science courses as well as US history. I have a passion for US history, having scored a 5/5 on the AP test a decade ago when I was in high school.

As my degree is in chemistry, I also tutor both high school and collegiate students in general chemistry. This includes any high school chemistry class and general chemistry one and two on the collegiate level. Lastly, I played soccer for 14 years and have been coaching youth soccer for the past four years. Although I tutor a wide array of subjects, I truly specialize in SAT prep. I currently work as a science teacher at middle school in Tampa FL. I taught 8th-grade physical science this past school year and will be teaching 6th grade Earth science this coming school year. I also have experience in teaching life science at another middle school. I am currently certified to teach chemistry (grades 6 - 12), mathematics (grades 5 - 9), and ESE (grades K - 12). In addition to the science classes mentioned above, I also tutor high school students in biology, including AP biology.

In regards to mathematics, I tutor high school students in classes ranging from elementary mathematics through pre-calculus. On the collegiate level, I have tutored students in both intermediate and college algebra. I've also tutored plenty of both high school and college students in honors chemistry, AP chemistry, and general chemistry one and two. I began tutoring as a freshman in college in 2012. As I had done so well on the SAT when I took the test as a junior in high school, I quickly found myself prepping more and more students for the SAT. I had scored a perfect 800 in the mathematics section, a 670 in the reading section, and a 710 in the writing section with a 9 / 10 on the essay for a total score of 2180 which, according to College Board, is equivalent to 1510 on today's version of the test.

Over the last 4 - 5 years, I gradually began to specialize in SAT prep. I now consider myself an expert on the test, logging over 1275 hours of in-person and online tutoring over the last five years. I estimate that I have tutored at least another 1000 hours since 2012 that have not been logged as I was privately contracted without a third party between me and the students. The vast majority of these hours have been spent devoted to SAT prep, mathematics, or chemistry.

I create individualized plans for each student based on his or her goals and current ability. Different students learn through different means. I pride myself on my ability to spot the way a student learns best and adjust my teaching style accordingly. All of my SAT students complete homework in between sessions, but the amount and vigor of the homework vary from student to student based on that individual's needs. No two students ever have the exact same plan. Everything needed for our sessions is either provided by me or available for free online. Almost all students create what I call 'SAT math flashcards'. I also have homemade worksheets focusing on grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, paragraph structure, speed reading, reading comprehension, and three different levels of mathematics.

If you or your child needs assistance preparing for the SAT or needs help with a mathematics or science class, please do not hesitate to contact me. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.



University of South Florida

BS Health Sciences with a Concentration in Biological Sciences




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