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Hello, my name is Mariah. I graduated from The Florida State University with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. Knowledge and learning new things has always been a hobby of mine. While other children was playing outside, I would be inside studying or reading. Since I have always enjoyed learning, I have been introduced to many teachers and have seen many different skills of teaching. This gives me many different approaches to use when teaching new material. The approach I use most would be the hands on one. I like to start my sessions with problems. Nothing too difficult, just to get the student engaged. Then I like to use props and materials to keep the child interested. If I am tutoring math, I use blocks or candy. And if it is science, I use food to show diagrams and molecules so the student can enjoy the lesson and doesn’t feel pressured. About half way through, I like to give the student a break. During the break they can do anything, as long as it is not educational. This gives them a moment to breathe and for me to get to know them. Me getting to know them, allows me to learn their interest and I can use that to keep them engaged in our session. Also, I have noticed that teaching a subject when the material is relatable is much easier on the tutor and the student.
When I was in high school, I use to volunteer during the summer with the students in summer school. During the week, I would helped about five to ten students, in groups or alone, in Mathematics or science. The grade levels would range from elementary to freshman year in high school. I was able to use my many different techniques of learning to see what is was that each student could relate to and built lesson plans around that. This way each student was able to get that one on one attention even when we was tutoring in groups. I also worked at a center called Challenger Learning Center at the science summer camp for a little over two years. There I gain experience in dealing with all age group of children and making learning fun. Since it was summer, we didn't want the kids to feel pressured so we made each teaching moment into an experiment or a presentation. This allowed the student to gain knowledge and have fun without the stress of a traditional learning environment. I also like to get input and ideas from both parents and student, to make this process beneficial for all involved.
I hope this gives you a good idea of my teaching and experience. Feel free to email me with questions or to set up a lesson. I am a quick responder and if you need to meet in person, this is fine with me too. Thank you for having interest in me.



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