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Hello! Happy to meet you! My name is Fauzia.

I have a master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Massachusetts. My BA is in English from Smith College with a minor in Government.

My website is - it has all my info, background, and great reviews, etc. Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions. My number is ***.

I am currently working with several college students (both undergraduate and graduate) on their writing and editing their essays. I use Grammarly (the paid version) to ensure the excellence of my writing. I routinely get scores of 100. I would be able to help you improve. I try to teach the actual writing process.

I am excellent in all aspects of English - language, and literature - from reading comprehension, vocabulary, essay editing and proofreading to writing. I am also well-versed in political science and history - American, European and World. I am very aware of current events and how they relate to academics and the patterns of the past.

I am certified in TESOL. I have experience and am currently working with both adults and children learning English as a second language. My students have been and are from Columbia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Greece, Italy, Israel, Haiti, etc.

I focus on listening practice, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. I have done a lot of research on online resources to keep it interesting and entertaining. I primarily use a few websites (namely Linguahouse and Breaking News in English) in which I have purchased memberships

I have been tutoring for two years with Varsity Tutors and DaDa ABC. I have taught reading, comprehension, math up to third grade. I also have experience in prepping students for the English evidence-based reading and writing part of the SAT/ACT tests. Through Varsity, I am approved to tutor in 20 subject areas, from English and Political Science to History. I received high scores in these subject certifications.

Since I began tutoring, I have been exploring all the educational resources available online to help students. As part of my continuing education, I am working on how to best use them as part of my lessons. I have subscribed to at least 16 different web sites (ex. Quizlet,, etc.) at my own expense to continually improve my skills. I go over and above researching materials that can help my students.

For me, the most memorable teachers who I remember were those who made difficult subjects accessible, easier to understand, and even sometimes fun. They would always be positive, patient and supportive of the student’s challenges and efforts. These lessons form the background of my teaching style.
Specifically, I would work with the student’s existing curriculum and help them with their assignments. From that point, I would go beyond with related subject matter to further expand their knowledge, ease, and grasp. I would design lesson plans tailored to their specific needs and likes – everyone is different. I strongly believe that teaching is done best one-on-one and facilitated by back and forth conversation - where the student and I work as a team. I have worked with students in all levels – elementary, middle and high school. I am comfortable with all ages.

I tutor students online through Zoom. I can provide a background check done by Checkr on September 4, 2018.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I am available most days, evenings and weekends. Feel free to ask me any questions. I hope we will have the opportunity to work together!



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Public Administration


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