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Hi there, I'm Cara and am originally from New York and New Jersey. I have my Applied Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from Raritan Valley Community College in New Jersey. After RVCC, I went to Rampo College and studied Graphic Design until I decided to leave school and take a break since though I enjoyed my courses and was good at them it wasn't my passion. My passion is and has always been working and helping children and/or those with special needs. I later went on to Kean University and received my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and minored in Computers. I later got my TEFL certificate from Bridge Linguatec because not only do I have a passion for working with and educating others but also for traveling and was hoping to move abroad.

Unfortunately I never got to live abroad, but did make a move of over 1,000 miles down south in 2015 to become a Case Manager, but soon got burnt out due to how many clients I had I never felt I was doing anything that benefited them a great deal and just working 50-60 hours or more a week. I found myself back to what is my passion working with and teaching others who has special needs as a Behavior Technician. I am looking into getting my BCaBA and am a Registered Behavior Technician since I need to get 1,000 + hours for it. Though I am not a teacher in a classroom I know what I do makes a difference. I am here looking to help educate and tutor those who need help because it is my passion and has always been.

As I mentioned before I have my Associates in Early Childhood education and minored in Computers when getting my Bachelors. Because of what I got my degrees in I have typically worked in classrooms teaching small groups of kids with special needs or behind a desk in the business world as an Administrative Assistant. Working with individuals with special needs is always the most challenging to teach because you need to teach outside the box to help them learn and makes you realize that not everyone learns the same way and because of that improves your teaching and makes one more patient when teaching.

As I mentioned earlier computers have always been a hobby of mine and I took Graphic Design Courses such as Photoshop and have designed my own web pages in the past. I have also had numerous jobs in which I had to use different Microsoft Office Programs and have minored in it while I was getting my BA.

Not only did I always do well in Geography and enjoyed learning about new places and cultures, I have been to over 15 states and 20 countries at this point. So, not only is my learning has come from text books but from what I have experienced first hand.

I want to benefit those I work with as much as possible, therefore welcome any resources or suggestions students or parents can provide to make sure they get the most out of the time I spend with them. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to schedule a lesson.



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