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Qualifications & Experience

Hello! I'm an Ocean Engineering student at Florida Atlantic University with 5+ years of math, science, and foreign language tutoring experience.

I grew up in Germany (with English being my first and primary language) and in so feel specifically able to tutor in German. However, I also have 5+ years of experience speaking Russian and can also tutor in that with prior material preparation.

My subjects in which I can tutor:

Algebra 1
Algebra 2
Calculus 1
Calculus 2
Calculus 3

Within Physics, I'm willing to help with:
High School AP Physics
College Physics 1
College Physics 2

With Science I'm willing to help with:
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
General Chemistry 1
General Chemistry 2

I'm very passionate about learning and finding new ways to break down difficult concepts for any learning level - personally, there is very little more rewarding than watching someone understand something previously frustrating or confusing. I'm an extremely easy going person - mostly I never want study sessions to be overly exhausting in a way that prohibits learning, so I do try to bring that fun energy into working. If I don't know the concept or how to solve a problem that we're working on (trust me, it happens to everyone) - I'll happily walk through with you how I personally think through the process, then show you how I research concepts to figure it out so you can do the same whenever you get stuck too inevitably.

My tutoring style breaks down relatively simply (Or I like to think so at least lol): I like to use examples and have us work through problems together, I'm very comfortable with staying on a topic for as long as needed. Homework is something I like to do together so I can be sure what level you understand what we're doing. I usually will have you work specific problems on a whiteboard or in a notebook on your own before moving on, but also I'm very willing to work on projects together, do test reviews, or general concept understanding.

It's important to me that you give me homework in advance or let me know what version of a textbook you're using so I have a clear idea what we'd be working on and I can be prepared to help out as much as possible.

I have previous experience in tutoring from elementary school math through AP Calculus. Growing up - math never came easily for me, I always got incredibly frustrated by it and how it made me feel incompetent. It really wasn't until I got to college that I realized how rewarding it was to put in the effort and time to understand things, which helps me in turn relate and explain things simply to others. I'm incredibly passionate about many things, so pardon my excited rants - but hopefully I can help you understand the process and develop strategies to implement in the future for your success.

Scheduling wise, I'm very flexible - usually available on a late notice if there's something dire or a deadline is getting too close. Message me for more information, and I hope to be of help to you!



Florida Atlantic University

Ocean Engineering




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