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I have always been the “go to girl” for help when it came to technological problems or the girl that never paid anyone to fix her IT issues. I was fascinated by the how and why of it all. I think it had a lot to do with Information Technology being part of my everyday class schedule ever since the first grade. They started us off with educational PC games then as the years progressed we started learning about binary, HTML coding, the different physical parts that make up a computer and how they function. Many of my fellow classmates saw IT class as just another class but I was genuinely enthralled by what I was being taught.

My brain is always in problem solving mode. The way I provide superb client support every day is this, by being considerate and being aware that not everyone is going to understand how technology functions, and that they just need a knowledgeable person who is patient and kind, and will provide results for them while making them feel enlightened and not incompetent. My clients tend to leave happy and with a passion for learning all they can about their computer. I feel extremely proud and honored when I am able to solve their problems and I hear their speeches of gratitude and thanks.
Business is business and it will always involve money but I take pride in what I do and I always want my clients to see that in the work that I do for them every day.

I offer you a unique blend of educational and work qualifications that briefly include:

• Studied Computer Network Administration at The College of Westchester
• Experience as a Best Buy Geek Squad- Advanced Repair Computer Technician

I look forward to what I anticipate will be the first of many positive communications.



The College of Westchester

Network Administration




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