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Hello. My expertise is in Microsoft Excel and finance/data analysis. I'm 26 and teach my coworkers the nuances of excel so I'd be glad to do the same for anyone needing help. I can use excel with little to no use of the computer mouse; mostly just the keyboard using shortcuts. My excel skills have gotten me promoted twice at work in less than a year so trust me when I say I am more than willing to share what I know so YOU can succeed in school or in a professional environment and attain the success I've attained (its easier than you think!).

In terms of finance/data analysis, I've worked in the corporate finance department of Travelers (fortune 500 company) learning about bonds and debt ratings. I also do financial analysis and data analysis at my current job for the HR department. I created a whole analysis report of how many people work at the company, who left, who still works, how long people stay at the company etc etc and my numbers and analysis were used by the HR manager and the CEO of the company to make company-wide decisions. So when it comes to breaking down numbers or large data files and making logical conclusions from them, I'm your guy.

In terms of teaching experience, in college I tutored micro and macro economics at UConn's business school my freshman and sophomore year. I've volunteered at Horace Porter middle school and Mansfield Middle school teaching kids how to stay focused in school and academics. Finally, I spent a year in Jumpstart, which is a program that teaches 3-5 yr olds in lower-income communities how to read and write so they can progress academically at a proper pace.



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