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Qualifications & Experience

Hello! I am a tutor passionate about helping students to reach their academic potential and discovering a newfound love for the sciences. I graduated magna cum laude from Rutgers University New Brunswick in 2018 with a major in Nutritional Science and minors in Biology and Psychology. I will be receiving my Master’s from Sacred Heart University’s Physician Assistant program in 2022.

During my undergraduate career, I worked as a tutor for the Rutgers Learning Centers with students taking General Biology and Systems Physiology courses. I worked with students one-on-one and in larger group settings to review course materials, assist with homework questions, and prepare for upcoming exams. I was also a Teaching Assistant (TA) for Systems Physiology as well as Human Anatomy while at Rutgers. I guided anatomy students in deepening their understanding of the human body in a cadaver lab during this time.

I have also tutored students privately in Anatomy+Physiology, biology, and genetics to help improve their understanding of the subject and ultimately their grades.

I am a very patient teacher and love coming up with unique methods and explanations that reflect the individual learning styles of every student.

I am ready to assist high school and college-level students overcome any struggles they are facing and push their understanding to a deeper and more meaningful level.

I am flexible with timing and location and want to fit your schedule so I can do everything I can to help you succeed.



Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Nutrition/Biochemistry, Biology, Psychology




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