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Julianne Cianciullo

Education is my passion. Yet, I am also realistic about it. The pace of change is constantly accelerating. However, in education, change is often slow. Too slow. Consequently, the achievement gap has widened and it is critical that it be closed. I am driven to not only close the achievement gap, but to also instill in all children, regardless of outside factors, a love of learning and literature.

My mission is, first and foremost, to teach English as a discipline. I stress English as the primary communicative force both throughout history and in the everyday world around us. My ultimate goal is to instill in my students a lifelong love of and appreciation for learning, coupled with the skills needed to thrive in and adapt to an ever changing workforce

Education is a process of discovery. Through education, students come to realize their hopes and dreams. However, students need to know and understand the process and skills necessary to develop into successful adults. My classes are student centered while at the same time, goal oriented. I keep all of my classes current within the context of students’ lives. I incorporate technology, popular culture and community and current events in my classroom, while maintaining a high degree of structure and adhering to the Connecticut Common Core of teaching. I use both differentiated instruction and apply SRBI strategies to help all students succeed. In doing so, I earn the respect of my students and develop an excellent rapport with them. I display student work throughout my classroom and collect student work throughout the year culminating in a portfolio that highlights each student’s academic progress.

I do the same with my own lesson plans, in an effort to continuously improve the instruction I offer all students, present and future. I make myself available to students for extra help. I also remain in contact with former students, writing letters of recommendation and offering help as they advance their education through college.

I enjoy teaching English immensely and derive tremendous satisfaction from my work. I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to share with your students, my love for learning and literature.



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