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physiology concentration along with a minor in chemistry. I then earned my M.S. in cell and molecular biology. I have had a passion for human medicine and science for as long as I can remember. I have started many journal club meetings during my college career and have continued throughout my master's degree. I love teaching science and have some Spanish speaking skills that I am working on daily. In addition to holding journal club meetings to teach younger students, I used to teach human anatomy at my alma mater. I have since worked as a graduate research assistant where I taught lab techniques to younger students hoping to learn about cancer research.

In my experiences as a tutor, I worked very hard to individualize the material as much as possible and to make it fun. I have had a few teachers in my life that showed me that learning doesn't have to be a chore. I believe that the kids that are looking for a tutor either really want to improve or need a tutor that will help them to become passionate about learning. It is the best feeling in the world knowing that I have helped change someone's perspective and helped them to love learning.

I love teaching and enjoy the challenge of coming up with creative ways to teach hard to understand concepts. In addition to teaching in college-level anatomy, I assisted with a tutoring program in every subject to elementary/middle schoolers while I was in high school. I also have experience teaching swimming lessons, so I have well-rounded experiences in teaching. I have a bachelor's in biology where I emphasized in human physiology and minored in chemistry. I have particular interests in anatomy, physiology, cell and molecular biology, genetics, and general chemistry. I also have five years of academic experience in cancer biology which fringes on many science topics. Most recently, I began teaching biology classes at a local college.

I am easy to reach and am open to suggestions for tutoring, especially with particular resources. I am flexible and genuinely love to teach. Please contact me with any questions or to schedule a lesson.



Northern Michigan University



Northern Michigan University

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Marissa is wonderful! My daughter is having a hard time with just having things "click" in biology. It isn't the easiest subject to Tudor but she does it so well. Her approach is very fulfilling. Thank you Marissa!

7 months ago
Mj M. reviews Marissa Kane