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Qualifications & Experience

I am a private tutor specializing in statistics/probability, test preparation (mostly SAT and ACT, some other), all math from middle school through calculus and a first chemistry course. I come to your home, a public location of your choice, or work online, and pride myself on delivering a results-oriented tutoring solution for your child or yourself at a reasonable cost. *** Note currently only working online due to the coronavirus pandemic *** I believe learning should be fun, and I endeavor to make the tutoring experience a pleasurable and rewarding one. I have tutored about 70 students since going into business in early 2015 and I have helped many students raise their test scores and their school grades.

A successful tutoring experience can be broken down into a few factors: 1) the readiness of the student to work; 2) the patience and skillfulness of the tutor and 3) the relationship fit which occurs between the student and tutor. If any of these three are lacking, the learning is likely to not take place.

Since becoming a tutor in 2015, I have worked with students as young as kindergartners (presently my youngest clients are middle schoolers) and as “old” as adults. People hire me for short-term needs or long-term help. I have also had experience with several students who had mild to moderate learning disabilities.

Why did I become a tutor?

I worked as an actuary in the pension business for over 20 years. I was successful and happy, but my body had other thoughts and in 2011 I found myself no longer able to sit at a computer and work 10-hour days. After a few years of trying various things I decided to reinvent myself as a private tutor in 2015 and I have found a career which allows me to work when I am able while also providing the incredible reward of helping students and watching them learn. I look forward to working with you!



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