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Hello! My name is Mikilin and I have had a passion for teaching and learning ever since I can remember. Nice to meet you!

My background in tutoring starts in high school where I consistently helped my 4 younger siblings, in each grade level, complete homework assignments and prepare for tests. For my first Bachelor's degree I found myself leading study groups for reading comprehension of high level material (Shakespeare, Samuel Beckett, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, etc.), finite mathematics, anthropological and biological studies, and creative and persuasive writing. Since then I co-founded and directed Youth Acting and Play-writing camps for children ages 7-12 in Florida and Virginia for 3 years and worked in a number of positions for non-profit theatres. Now I am back in school pursuing a second Bachelors in Neuroscience with a focus on molecular biology and behavior. My penultimate goal is to be accepted into their highly competitive graduate/PhD track program so that I may be a researcher educator at a University.

It is a passion of mine to share my love of learning and inspire students to not just cram for a test but to fully comprehend the material. It is my belief that the best way to do this is to identify what the student's current understanding is and augment my teaching so that I can clarify misunderstandings and fill in the blanks-- telling a student "this is just how it is" without identifying where they are at is too common and doesn't help them understand the material. Learning should feel like putting together a jigsaw puzzle; one takes what they already know and can "plug in" new information in order to build the big picture.

As a person, I am compassionate and insightful to the needs of the people around me and want to make the world a better place by operating with integrity and authenticity. I hope to help you on your journey, and support a growing community of mentors that our culture so desperately needs.



University of Central Florida

Stage Management & Technical Theatre Production


University of Colorado at Boulder







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