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Hi I'm Rob,

About me, I'm a friendly creative and like to think of myself as an artist in the business world!

I have an MBA in Media Studies and a degree in Computer Science.

Commercially, I have over 20yrs of hands-on experience working as a writer. I've worked in Hollywood for 5+ of those years. WGA and DGA bonded and repped by W&AI. My varied work has included all aspects of the process: pitching, scripting, directing and producing for film, tv, radio drama, video games, and comics. I was end-to-end from storyboards to packaging and marketing at film festivals.

I've written just about everything from Playboy articles, to journalism, press releases, to blog posts, podcasts to radio plays, stage plays to comic books. I've also written original and adapted manuscripts and I'm a published author.

All this writing has made me a professional proofreader and editor too. So, if you are starting out planning to write, or have a manuscript ready to go you want to pitch to an agent or publisher, I am happy to offer to mentor you through the process.

I've had the privilege to work with students from across many different cultures and backgrounds in the UK, Japan, China, the Philippines, and Australia.

I'm also a futurist. Having mentored teams extensively in game design and app development. I currently act as an analyst and evangelist for futurism; concepts and modeling of next-generation technologies including IoT, AR, VR, AI, and Machine Learning.

So please feel free to contact me. I'm always happy to listen and see how I can help add value to your studies or work!

I'm offering to tutor and support students of all levels in writing, storyboarding, game design, marketing, filmmaking, acting & coaching. I'm also here for best practice for interviewing and pitching or prep for courses, dissertations or exams related to any of the above.


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