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I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Madison (the flagship campus), where I majored in English literature and Chinese. Before transferring there I went to DePaul University in Chicago. While in college, I spent quite a bit of my free time tutoring in various subjects.

In my freshman year of college I tutored fellow classmates in accounting and business calculus. This was a paid position arranged by me.

I continued this tutoring with more students my Sophomore year. This is when I changed my major from Business and Math to English and Chinese. So appropriately, I began to change the subjects I was tutoring.

In my Junior year of college I joined forces with GUTS (greater university tutoring services), and became a volunteer conversational English tutor. I taught mostly graduate international students how to better converse in English.

In my Senior year of college I led a group of tutors through the Badger Volunteers program. We tutored English, Math, and Social Studies at a local underprivileged middle school.

While at UW, I studied hard. I maintained a 3.63 GPA overall, with a 3.87 English major GPA. I also managed to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese while there, thanks to my Chinese major (你好,很高兴认识你!).

My roommate of over a year has 50-50 custody of a 4 and a 7 year old. We, the kids and I, obviously developed a deep bond over that time. When Covid hit, with my tutoring experience, my roommate was overjoyed to have me step in as a tutor for his boys. I especially assisted the 7 year old through his 2nd grade curriculum

My experience aside for a moment, I’ll speak for a moment on who I am! I’m a 25 year old lover of all things culture and educational. In my free time I love to read, make music, watch international movies, go to art museums, and hang out with my friends.

I know that these tough times have left us all reeling, especially when it comes to the education of our little ones. I would be more than happy to step in and assist.



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