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I like to comprehend concepts intuitively and share my understanding to those who seek help. I am a Physics Major and have an inclination and love for teaching. I taught Physics to high school students for over 6 years now and my interest to work in the green technologies had led me to pursue Masters in Electrical Engineering. My experience in teaching IGCSE and CBSE curriculum to students of all levels of learning along with my own learning in this process could be a valuable asset for all my future teaching sessions. I like to make learning fun and interactive and always had several group projects and hands on projects as part of my instruction, which truly helped myself to mentor students for national and international level science competitions later on. On this online platform, I want to give my best to help students to comprehend and apply the concepts with ease, without missing that element of curiosity and fun as in live classroom. As this is one on one instructional setting, I see there is greater scope and better opportunity for customized teaching and learning.
Good luck to all the curious learners!!!



California State University - Long Beach

Electrical engineering



Elementary Math Linear Algebra


Chemistry Electrical Engineering Physical Science Physics

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Mohini N.

5.0 Articulation
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I was in need of a good Physics tutor,There is a reason why I mention good,because I tried almost every possible resource available near us for my son's Physics subject. My husband's colleague recommended Deepika Tummala , where he sends his daughter and son. she is very good at physics and made my son maneuver through Physics lessons so easily without distress. Now he shows more interest in physics and very good at his grades. She teaches with very simple but logical instructions to make subject easy to students. She tracks his progress regularly and makes necessary changes for improvement in his comprehension and application. She is very approachable and makes it easy to learn physics. I definitely recommend her if your kids lack grades or interest in physics.

a year ago