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My course will be interactive, organized, fun, and practical. You will be able to complete a small goal for every few lessons. For example, understanding a Chinese song or Chinese footage. Adults who want to increase their work competitiveness or students who are interested in learning a second language are both welcome. The course content will be customized for your specific goals. It can vary from topic-based vocabularies and dialogue to a school exam preparation. Whatever your objective is, we can try to make it happen together!

In the first hour, I will identify your expectations, preferred skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), and current Chinese language level from beginner to advanced. Students who have no foundation or experience at all will be able to start from scratch. You can choose your preferred romanization and standard character sets (simplified /traditional), and the following course will be designed based on these preferences of yours.

Pronunciation, tones, romanization, six principles of forming characters, and strokes are all included in the course to help you build a solid foundation. Also, some topics will appear corresponding with your interest and current skills. I might help you to understand a funny YouTube video, online articles, or the lyrics of a song. If you like a challenge or have a good foundation, I can introduce you to news and podcasts to bring your Chinese to the next level.

I am a native Chinese speaker from Taiwan and a current student in the United States. I have 2 years of experience teaching foreigners Chinese in my country. My students included 20 something international student and few adults over 35 years old. My students usually told me that I am a flexible and patient person, and they enjoyed the content of the course. Every few classes, I will ask for your suggestions about the materials or tempo and make adjustments accordingly. Chinese can open your understanding of the other side of the world. I hope that my course will help you master a useful second language for the rest of your life.



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