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Hello all! I'm Eva. I graduated from University of the Pacific (UOP) where I received my M.S. in Molecular Biology & Medical Entomology. I also went to UOP for my undergraduate degrees in Sports Medicine & Biology, also minoring in Spanish. During my time at Pacific, I've partaken in both on-campus and off-campus organizations include nutrition and medicine
clubs, volunteer work, and tutoring services. Moreover, I have written and edited national
grants for funding and have spoken at several nation-wide conferences regarding my graduate work
and am currently in the process of publishing more scientific papers.
While in my undergraduate and graduate careers, I’ve tutored a myriad of students
ranging from the elementary level to the collegiate level. I have several years of experience
tutoring sciences (microbiology, anatomy, physiology, biology, biotechnology, parasitology, entomology, chemistry,
etc), math (elementary math, pre-algebra, algebra I & II), Spanish, English, History, Psychology, and writing. Furthermore, I have mentored and guided high school students through college essay writing and SAT
subject test prep. I’ve also taught English as a second language to Spanish, Chinese, and Korean
native speaking students. I am passionate about sciences and enjoy teaching and tutoring
these subjects to students who need help with these tough courses in a way he or she can
best understand and digest the material. It is my philosophy to prioritize my students’ needs and methods of
learning and adjusting my teaching methods to each individual.

Currently, I work as a scientist at a biotechnology company in the Bay Area – mostly working in gene expression and fun stuff like that!
Fun facts: has been playing piano for over 20 years (teaching piano for 10 years now); enjoys playing volleyball, soccer, and swimming; loves scuba diving, boba, and watching basketball.



University of the Pacific

Sports Medicine, Biology


University of the Pacific

Molecular Biology, Medical Entomology






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