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Qualifications & Experience

I'm an extremely diligent and responsible individual who will prepare the student for math. I understand how to convey a message in a way that'll be fruitful for learning, not memorization. Unlike other tutors, I make sure the student understands the material through and through, with no fault in logic; I give thorough explanations for the “Why” questions. I’ve been a paid tutor for a year, in that time I’ve managed to raise my tutees’ exam scores across all the levels of math. Other experience I hold is creating a tutoring program my junior year of high school,that offers tutoring to our students in subjects from Algebra 1- AP Calculus BC, English 9-AP English Language, and other challenging subjects. My program has expanded to helping nearly 90 individuals per week. In the process of learning, I've acquired various skills to convey the message of math to students of varying ages. My tutoring experience dates back nearly 4 years ago, I've had my tutoring program at school up and running for about 3 years.
Since I am a student my self, my schedule will have constrictions because of school hours, but I can work around that with you. While my expertise is math, I have a strong background in English as well: I'm a native speaker who's an avid reader and writer. I'm a well rounded individual who can tutor a multitude of subjects. I'm bi-literate in Spanish, I can communicate with Spanish speaking students as well.
I phave a reliable source of transportation.
My Schedule:
-Monday: 3pm-8pm.
-Tuesday: 6pm-9pm
- Wednesday: 3:30pm-7pm
- Thursday: 3:30pm-8pm
-Friday: 3:30pm-8pm
-Saturday: 1pm-7pm
-Sunday: 11AM-6pm
The only varying factor in my schedule are Fridays and Saturdays, near once a month I'll have debate tournaments that run from 3pm-10pm on Fridays and 7AM-10pm on Saturdays. Once a month, I'll be unavailable Friday and Saturday; my tournament dates are set, so I can provide you with the dates when they'll take place.



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