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Learning can be fun! I am a warm and compassionate, easy going and patient teacher. I understand your needs and feel that every moment together is worthwhile. I am dedicated and seek to inspire you to success.

I have a varied teaching background with a broad scope of skills acquired through my diverse work experience with students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. As an ESL teacher to elementary age students for 10 years, an adjunct professor in the ESL department at SUNY Suffolk for six years, and currently as an adjunct at a Community College English Department, I am able to utilize my sharpened skills and help my students achieve excellent academic and personal goals. Also, I am currently teaching ESL with a distance learning school in Taiwan, and I’m part of a summer teaching program for international High School students at CSUN.

My completion of a Master’s Degree in TESOL from SUNY Stony Brook has also provided me with extensive training in linguistics, teaching, and an awareness of the need to provide education aligned with the latest educational needs and requirements for all students. I have also had numerous opportunities to interact with students in a variety of educational environments - classroom, after school, home, small groups and with entire families. My Life Coaching background has always proved extremely beneficial when working with such a varied population.

I love what I do and wish to help in creating optimum success for all my students!



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SUNY Stony Brook


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