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As your academic success coach and tutor, I am your personal consultant, collaborative confidant, and accountability partner.

I can help you improve in all areas. Let me assist you to:
* Work more efficiently
* Write more effectively
* Develop learning strategies to maximize your learning
* Improve your academic performance
* Develop good study habits
* Clarify your academic goals
* Increase your confidence

I’ve been a teacher all my life. I was fortunate to be born and raised in Cuba, and attended a very forward-thinking school. As many North Americans who were sent to Cuba for business enrolled their kids in my school, our principal had the brilliant idea that “each one teach one.” We were paired with an American student, whom we coached in Spanish, while they, in turn, helped us with our English. My love of teaching started then!

Over the years, I’ve taught in traditional and not so traditional settings. And I’ve taught subjects outside of academia, such as piano, pottery, macramé, quilting, canning, companion gardening, and a host of other subjects.

I love teaching how to learn a foreign language and language arts to anyone who is interested, some times in private sessions, often through schools or language centers. I was certified K-12 in Virginia, and I’ve taught at university and post-graduate centers. You might say teaching is much more than a vocation, it’s a way of life for me.

As I earned various PhDs, I became interested in Learner Styles and Strategies, and how this affected the learning curve of all students. As Language Program Director at three major universities, I was able to adjust the curriculum to meet our diverse student population, to maximize their potential for learning.

And when I became a Life Coach and combined that with helping students to understand procrastination, motivation, study routines and more, I found that they became accomplished and creative learners in school and in life. A win for us all!

Spanish - All Levels, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Pronunciation, Conversation
English Arts: Reading, Writing, Grammar, Pronunciation, Conversation
ESL - All Levels, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Pronunciation, Conversation



University of Kansas



University of Louisville

Foreign Language Education & Spanish


Georgetown University

Languages & Linguistics

Awards & Honors


Excellence in Education Award


IBM Interdisciplinary Grant for Curriculum Innovation Using Computers in the Foreign Language Classroom


Outstanding Foreign Language Teacher Award

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