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My name is Adrian and I am a recent graduate of Loyola University Maryland. At Loyola, I completed a B.S. in physics with a concentration in applied science, a minor in computer science, and a minor in business. After college, I enrolled in Springboard's Data Science Bootcamp where I became highly proficient with Python, Math, Statistics, and Machine learning. I now apply those skills at my data science job, but I still find time to pursue my passion of sharing knowledge through tutoring.

Teaching/Tutoring Experience:
California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST Credential)
5+ years tutoring elementary through college-level material.

I have a passion for math and physics that is fueled by curiosity. I like to seek out why and how everything works in order to find the elegance within math and physics problems. I have over 5 years of tutoring experience at a variety of different levels, so it is easy for me to see the importance and relevance of problems and how their solutions connect to other problems in the same or different levels of math and physics.

What I like about tutoring:

Working with me as your tutor will be a different experience. We will dig into each problem to see how and why it works the way it does. We will not be blindly using formulas or simply following steps to get to a problem's solution. Instead, we will look into how formulas work and why they are appropriate for particular problems. Additionally, we will identify and emphasize the key steps for solving algorithmic problems so that the process becomes logical and easy to follow. My purpose is to lead the student to an understanding of course material and homework problems, so he or she can learn to further develop their abilities independently.



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