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Born and raised in Santa Monica, I have a cherished relationship with my music community. To me, music is my escape into another world, and it is something that has allowed me to enjoy life with a newfound presence - living life in the moment. I enjoy helping others find their passion in music and I enjoy helping other people achieve their music goals with a good understanding of technique and the paths that lead to musical freedom.

Violin is my passion, more than just a hobby. It is an endless journey in experiencing the world of music and a great way to express myself. 20 years of practice (I had some days off, I can't lie) and hard work has led me to where I am. I know what your children are going through and the road blocks that may stop them from practicing.

To be a successful instructor, the teacher must be demanding, but you need to be demanding in a positive and supportive way. You motivate the student to be excited about the music. Exciting them with the prospect that if they "do this" they will sound better. Rather than terrorize them to practice. Proper instruction needs to be a warm environment where there is less pressure to "mess up". Growing up, I studied under Dana Griskevicius in Santa Monica. Then went on to learn from people like Guido Lamell, Geoffrey Maingart, Andrea Sanderson, and many many youtube videos of the great masters: Perlman, Galamian, Zukerman, Stern, Oistrakh, Heifetz, Vengerov, etc...

My teaching style can be described as follows:

-Student focused (assigning pieces not only that are standards in the repertoire, but also those that reflect the student's personality, level of development, personal interests, etc.)

-Including a wide range of styles of music (classical, modern, pop, Broadway, jazz, country, even original transcriptions/ compositions, etc)

-A balance of technique building, interpretation/musicianship mentoring, performance practices, stage presence, etc.

-Building discipline, productive practice habits, personal character and growth, pride of accomplishment

Please contact me with any questions, I will reply normally within an hour.

I service the westside areas such as Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Venice, Brentwood, and Beverly Hills areas and everything in between!

Other areas of interest:
-Yoga and conscious breath work
-Surfing instruction
-Surfboard repair



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