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Dear prospective students & parents--

My name is Bingh and I'll share with you a little bit of my academic background. I was never a reader. In high school, I was Mr. Popular organizing senior proms, beach clean-ups, this and that social activities and never read a book to completion.

All this changed in college. I was introduced to the Life of the Mind in a Freshman Seminar where we read Plato's REPUBLIC. "It was pretty heavy going for most of the other freshmen students," wrote my professor in his recommendation letter about me, "but for Bingh it seemed like mother's milk." I loved my new-found academic and past-time activity, which is reading and writing, that I went on to major in English. During this time, I founded and edited a literary magazine which attracted contributions from fellow students, in-house faculty, and professionals of considerable standing (Anne Caron is the most well-known of these). Upon graduation, the English faculty unanimously voted to bestow upon me two of the highest prizes given to a graduating senior for his/her excellence in English.

I continue to read every day up to today; one can never stop learning. With that thought, I applied to the MFA program in Creative Writing at San Diego State and studied on my craft, which is poetry, and graduated in 2017 with a Master of Fine Arts degree.

At State, I taught my own Rhetoric & Writing Studies class to 25 first-year students. I love connecting with younger minds and exposing them to great literature and art.

Recently, I served as an editor to a San Diego poet, and her book is expected to be out in a few days! You can see my Introduction to the book by going to and punch in "Pat Andrus" and "Fragments of the Universe."

I look forward to meeting you and to see where we both can go with your academic endeavors.




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