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Hello, my name is Merlyn Cabrera and I love teaching/tutoring and the reward that it brings. I am an enthusiastic teacher/tutor with a solid commitment to education, and a true passion for the English language and English Literature. I have been tutoring for more than 7 years and have had great success with my students, ranging from K-12 up to adult levels, as well as non-traditional students in ESL.

I enjoy helping students develop stronger language skills and foreign language students develop the English language skills. I am highly skilled in differentiated learning techniques to help students comprehend and retain lecture objectives. I am very dedicated to enriching my students’ lives through group and one-on-one tutoring, coaching, and mentoring.

. I enjoy engaging my students with fun and challenging English dilemmas. I like to apply English to real world situations to allow my students to fully understand the relevance and necessity of knowing and using it in their everyday lives. I enjoy creating a trusting cooperative environment that fosters academic, social, and emotional growth.

I'm generally available M-F from 10am-9pm and Sat. from 10am-7pm. I can meet with students as well as online. I look forward to working with you



Rio Hondo College

Communications with an Emphasis in Social Sciences

Awards & Honors


Certificate of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)


Certificate of Teaching Business English to Adults

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