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I have been teaching Math and Science for over four years, first as a private tutor at Cornell University and now in Pasadena.

I graduated from Cornell University with a major in Biology and am now working at the California Institute of Technology full time before going to medical school. I specialize in Math and Science up to the college level, particularly in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and math up to college level calculus (this includes Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry).

Having taught from positions as an instructor and study group leader and tutor, I have gained a wealth of experience and understanding of what makes a good teacher, a good teacher. In advanced of my first lesson, I ask for what specific topics the student would like to work on, and what they have been having trouble on and their goals for the next semester/term, in addition to their syllabus and our schedule for the year. This way, I can be as useful as possible to you and most importantly, as prepared as possible.

Then during the first few lessons, I find out how my student learns best so I can cater to their study habits and kind of thinking. Every student studies and learns a little differently and for me that is what makes teaching and tutoring fun and exciting and also what makes each lesson better than the next as I get to know my students better.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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