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Since 2003, I've been working with students throughout the Bay Area to improve critical thinking, reading, math and writing skills, gain a competitive advantage for standardized tests like the SAT and ACT, and develop good study habits. I also provide premier college counseling services, including help with application essays. My approach is simple: we identify your goals, make a concrete plan, and work until we achieve the results you need. I believe learning should be engaging, personalized, and empowering–always.

One of the points I emphasize is that the best students don't just learn the right answer, they learn where the right answer comes from. By consistently focusing on deep conceptual learning, I am able to empower students to think critically, engage with the material organically, and find their unique path to success. I will never tell your student to put the thesis at the end of the first paragraph; instead, we'll explore why so many writers do this, and what risks and benefits arise when an essay is organized differently. I won't teach them to plug in numbers to solve SAT Math questions quickly just because "it works," but I will show them two ways to solve a problem and ask questions to help them realize the best approach.

Today's schools are putting more pressure on students than ever before. I get it—no one wants to spend two hours on homework when they could get away with one. But the secret, as I tell my students, is that two focused hours today can save you ten hours down the road. My tutoring sessions will challenge your student to think independently, ask questions, and always look for ways to study smarter, not harder. Let's discuss how I can use my experience to help fulfill that vision for you.



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