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I am a full time student at Los Angeles Valley College. Because my major is foreign language I have taken several classes in linguistic and language study. I moved to the US three years ago and have had wide exposure to many different dialects of English, other languages, and am familiar with a handful of different cultures. I am also an avid reader and enjoy fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and essays. I have taken several literature classes and excelled in all of them.

Because of my interest in language, I love working with students to help them find aspects of the subject that they enjoy. Now pair that with my interest in written works and my ability to apply all that I've learned about language from both classroom and life experience. You can easily see where my enthusiasm for being a tutor stems from.

I have received high grades in all my English and literature classes, and know that I am capable of working with a students needs to get them where they would like to be. Whether or not their first language is English, we can always learn more and make improvements with how we understand and use language skills. I am confident that whatever aspect a student would like to improve on, I can help. Be it essay writing, reading, critical analysis of text, language skills, or otherwise. I have 5, almost 6 years, of combining professional, volunteer and casual experience tutoring English as an Additional Language students and ESL students.

As for my USCIS qualifications; I am an immigrant myself, I know the process you are going through and how difficult it can be. I am available to help answer any questions that you might have, help you find solutions and answers, or help with paperwork and interview preparations.

Should you have any questions about my skill set, or would like to coordinate to set up a lesson, please get in contact! As a tutor I am open to meeting any and all ages and levels. All are welcome to ask questions or seek to set up an appointment for a lesson. I have had many different students; from not-quite-ready- yet beginners to advanced students, I am always available to provide the best.

**At this time I do not provide in home sessions unless under extreme circumstances. Please message me for details.



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