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First & foremost: I work on a sliding scale, so please message me if I feel like a fit but money is an issue. I'm flexible & willing to find a solution that hopefully works for each of us. There are factors that affect my rate, however my *primary* goal is for you to feel more successful & confident than I found you. That simple.

Ok! Here's my deal: I've been teaching & tutoring students of all ages for 11 years, as well as working as a nanny, camp counselor, etc. for almost 20 years.

I began the Fall immediately after receiving my B.A. (with honors) in Theatre & French (yup, 3 months later). I was Adjunct Faculty at Clark University's Visual & Performing Arts Program for 6 years where I fully redesigned & built a brand new, semester-long curriculum for the program's prerequisite course. I have developed a number of individual curriculums, for groups and private students, while always allowing flexibility depending on each class.

Whether I'm a private tutor, nanny or teaching, I easily connect with kids of all ages and am able to recognize the unique needs of the whole group, as well as each individual student. I'm highly intuitive when meeting people (have been since forever), which helps eliminate weeks trying to discern the best way to communicate, to make sure information is absorbed, to get to the part where you feel successful. I want to get to the fun stuff, the learning (and I will make it fun - I rarely make promises, but this is a promise).

As a private tutor, I have worked & am comfortable with a diverse group of students (age, at higher or lower grade level in certain subjects, socioeconomically, race, learning disabilities from Autism to ADHD to general focus/concentration difficulty, etc).

*Other interesting, useful facts!*

1. For over a decade, I've performed, taught, coached and produced improv comedy at nationally-recognized comedy theaters, kid & teen summer and vacation camps,
For over a decade, I have been teaching theater (focusing on improvisation) in a variety of settings for a wide range of ages & abilities (ages 5 to 89, people with earning disabilities, autism, selective mutism, ODD, CD, ADHD, varying socioeconomic backgrounds, etc)
2. Using improvisation's tenets, I've built curriculum for & facilitated corporate training workshops, with the intention of developing more positive collaboration, stronger problem-solving skills, basic team-building, etc.
3. Created a weekly improv curriculum, focused on adults with severe mental illness - as part of a partnership with Club Nova, A Clubhouse International chapter. I not only implemented my experience in theater/improv, but also my experience & familiarity with mental health, including severe mental illness (they had the best time & I have not laughed that hard)

As a writer. my flagship is as a copywriter/editor & in creative writing (poetry, memoir, creative non-fiction). However, I am trained and skilled in all other forms (including essay, fiction, formal letters, resume & cover letters, stage & screenplays, press releases, RFPs, etc).

I am proficient in French.



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Theatre Arts and French Language




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