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Teaching has long been a part of my life. Since 2012, I have been a private tutor, working with grades K-8, high school, college level and adults returning to education. I was then hired to teach at a charter high school. For two years, I experienced practical training and learned how to create syllabi for English, History and Performing Arts classes under the direction of faculty. For the past two years, I have been a teaching assistant at the California Institute of the Arts as a part of my MFA in Creative Writing. I have been lucky to work with generous professors who trained me to be an adaptive, creative and thorough teacher.

At this charter school, I was trained by AVID, a program that works with schools to close the achievement gap by serving students who are overlooked due to socioeconomic status, race/ethnicity and gender. AVID's training focused on methods of teaching that required students to engage more: consistent note taking in class, at home text notation, and student-led discussions to empower the class to interact with the material and each other. I have taken this training, the tutelage and the time spent working with young people and continued to develop my pedagogy as a teaching assistant at CalArts.

I still believe in the core tenants of my training and encourage students to lead class when they can, stepping in when needed to provide focus, clarification and direction. A goal of mine is to encourage students to develop critical thinking by peer discussion and debate. I find when students are made to articulate critical ideas themselves and not just repeat back to the teacher or answer a teacher led question, they are more likely to actively engage in the material and create their own relationship with the topic.



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