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I have been tutoring for about four years now and it's something that I've enjoyed doing very much. It's a fulfillment to my life to be able to help others achieve excellence. In the past, I have tutored a Junior in High School who was failing Algebra 2 when we first started to work together. He was half way through the year and worried about not Passing. By the end of the school year he passed Algebra 2 with a B. I have also helped a former classmate with College Chemistry. The subject is very difficult to understand and I tutored my classmate with a lot effort. Therefore, with my support and her effort she ended up getting a B in the class. I have also previously worked for a service center in Chinatown, Los Angeles. I tutored Chinese ESL students who were looking to successfully learn English. I tutored two high school Chinese students who were going to enter 10th grade this coming school year. I helped the girls learn grammar, vocabulary, reading, comprehension, writing, spelling, etc. I have a passion for helping others and I strive to become a doctor in my future. I am currently in the process of completing nursing school with Santa Monica College. I love spreading knowledge and helping others achieve their full potential. I am looking forward to helping change any students life.



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