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I have over ten years of experience teaching and coaching for different organizations, colleges and universities. I have helped administer a tutoring program in St. Louis. I have had success in helping students with whom others were unable to achieve improvement. I get excited when I see students learn to love learning (especially math and literature).
I began attending college when I was 15 years. I scored high enough on my ACT/SAT exams to earn a full tuition scholarship. I graduated from college top of my class with 3.98 GPA. I currently teach English, math, philosophy, psychology and speech to college students. I adapt my teaching style to the learning style of my students.
I have the most experience with the following subjects:
In philosophy, I have worked on introductory level classes, philosophy of religion and courses on ethical theories and issues.
In English, I have created materials for first year English composition, interpreting religious and intercultural literature.
In math, I tutored students and taught classes on pre-algebra, applied mathematics and beginning algebra.
In psychology, I have covered general psychology, developmental psychology, counseling psychology and sociology and the family.
I enjoy presenting materials on ancient history especially as it relates to Greco-Roman culture, tribal Africa and the Fertile Crescent.
I have two children who are full of energy. I know how to sustain the attention of young minds. Learning is fun!



Lincoln Christian University

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