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A graduate of The Putney School (ranked number 3 in the country of all prep schools), I've always excelled in my studies. Prior to attending Putney, I was enrolled in AP and honors classes. (At Putney, since there were only 7 - 10 children/class room, all classes were considered honors classes, so there were no AP or honors classes.) This extensive education also entailed numerous arts like ceramics, photography, silversmithing, creative writing, woodworking, sculpture live drawing, etc.., as well as sustainable gardening, and other work on the dairy farm the school resides on. An emphasis was made on community, and it is something I have taken into adulthood, and pass on through my charity work and tutoring.

Upon graduation, I returned to my European roots in Italy to study Art and Fashion Design at a private Italian Academy, and then furthered my studies at The American University of Rome, where I was on the Dean's List for all 4 years, taking 6 courses/semester, as well as maintaining a career as a tv and film actress, and model. My focus was on International Business (Small Business Management, Marketing, International Law), but I also studied many of the Humanities: Astrophysics, Italian studies (literature, opera, Roman history, History of Italian Art, and Italian Sociology), Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Spanish, Philosophy, Biology I and 2, et al... I won the Alpha Gamma Kappa Award for honors in Italian, and I also took classes on various subjects at La Sapienza, one of the oldest Italian Universities (founded in 1303). I continue to be an avid learner, and have been called a "walking encyclopedia" by more people than I can count (which always elicits a giggle).

Since college, I've won awards for my writing, and ghost-wrote a published novel. Writing is my forte, and I'm blessed with an immunity to writer's block. I can write an essay, song, or poem (a sonnet, haiku, free flow or in iambic pentameter) immediately about any subject. I can help with essay writing, poetry, SAT prep, English for foreigners, reading comprehension, and anything to do with my love of the English language.

I speak fluent Italian, and conversational French and Spanish. I can translate all three into English, and have even translated a screenplay by a famous Italian director. I have a high EQ, as well as a MENSA eligible IQ, so do work very well with others. I've been tutoring children and adults (including students with ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, and Parkinsons) on and off for 20 years (Rome, London, New Orleans, Santa Fe, and Los Angeles), with optimum results. I've turned Fs into As, and gotten kids admitted into the toughest prep schools. I've taught pre-school, worked with the elderly, and have had clients of every age.I'm still in touch with many of my former clients, having become a mentor to several.

I am reliable, prompt, well-mannered, well-raised, respectful, and friendly but serious. I absolutely love what I do, and aim to make my passion for learning infectious.

I look forward to meeting you, and helping to elevate you or your child to the next level.



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