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Hi! I'm Katelyn, I graduated Cornell University in 2015 with a 3.65 GPA, where I also played NCAA Ice Hockey. Tutoring for me started in the form of helping my friends and teammates with their work, and soon expanded to include students of all ages. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and specialized in Performing and Media Arts, which enables me to cater my help to each student by adjusting the way I communicate to find a method that resonates with them personally.
I also specialize in helping students develop a study plan to achieve certain success. While in school I juggled a heavy Ivy League workload, spent 47+ hours a week playing a Division 1 sport, was an officer in my sorority, and participated in extra curricular activities. My ultimate goal is not only to help students with a particular problem or subject, but also to help them gain the tools necessary to develop a plan by themselves in the future. School can be a challenge, but I believe anybody can succeed with the proper plan and a little grit.



Cornell University

Performing and Media Arts

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