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To Whom It May Concern:

This is Ms. Jeneba, your tutor, Math, French and ESL instructor.

I am very pleased to introduce myself to you and to assure you that you will have fun while learning with me. I'll make the session fun, pleasant, professional so that you will feel very comfortable and confident knowing upfront that there is no stupid answer and/or stupid question. I am very patient with my students and they can feel that I am there to help them. I am very enthusiastic, motivated, and creative. Plus, my students enjoy working with me so much that they are always disappointed when we have to stop the tutoring during summer vacation.

I have more than 15 years of experience in teaching and tutoring. I worked with children from all types of backgrounds and nationalities (autistic, dyslectic…).

As far as my teaching experience with adults is concerned, I worked with diplomats, Peace Corps volunteers, missionaries and business men (French/English)
I am not only a very hard working and energetic person, but I also have a lot of integrity and a passion for working with students knowing that I am making a difference; it’s very fulfilling.

Last but not least, as to my educational background, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English, a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and a Masters in English.
I also have my CBEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) and I have taken different courses/trainings in the past for teaching and/or tutoring.

I have a lot of very satisfied parents that do not mind me giving out their phone numbers to anybody and/or companies that want to inquire about their experience with me.

Subjects: Math, French, Reading Comprehension, Writing, ESL, TOEFL, TESOL, ISEE, SAT, GRE, CBEST

Yours Truly,

Ms. Jeneba



Ouachita Baptist University


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Jene ’s Rating



5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

It is safe to say Miss Jeneba is one of the most brilliant people I know. She is versatile in tutoring all subjects and she is a naturally gifted teacher and leader who has tutored both of my children. My son is now in his second year of College and is a straight A student. My daughter is in the 8th grade and is also earning straight A's.

2 years ago
5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Djeneba is very patient and knowledgeable. She excels at not only tutoring, but also coaching and mentoring.

2 years ago