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Greetings! I hold a PhD in Musicology (2017). I have been tutoring a variety of academic subjects for 6 years. From novice students to graduate students, I know exactly what your professors want.

I have taught Music Theory and Musicianship, Music History, World Music, Music Appreciation, and Composition.
I have worked closely as a teacher assistant to courses such as: History of Popular Music, Introduction to Jazz, Music of Israel, and Introduction to Film Music.

The two most common requests I receive are help with: 1) music theory, and 2) writing papers.

1) Music Theory
• I have some of the best ear training in the business. I can help you identify intervals, chords, chord progression, form (sonata allegro form, verse-chorus-verse, etc).
• Need help with counterpoint? No problem. I have taught advanced counterpoint, from two-part to four-part, and beyond.
• Do you struggle to read music? You’ve come to the right place.
• Have you been assigned to analyze a Bach chorale, Beethoven Symphony, or Schoenberg 12-tone piece? Great! I not only can help you analyze any piece of music, I can help you write your own version using the techniques of the masters.
• I can help writing: fugues, inventions, sonata allegro form, minuets, rondo forms, verse-chorus-verse, 12-bar blues, and anything else.

2) Writing Papers
• I have helped clients write over 100 concert reviews for students at the best universities and local colleges throughout the United States, Canada, and the UK.
• I have helped edit master’s theses and dissertations in music: I provide the highest level of professional editing.

I have taken a variety of graduate level courses in philosophy, anthropology, sociology, and art theory. I am knowledgeable on topics such as: ontology, epistemology, metaphysics, and aesthetics. I specialize in the ideologies of Nietzsche, Hegel, Adorno, J Butler, Fish, Jameson, Barthes, Benjamin, Bourdieu, Bataille, Mauss, Zizek, Saussure, and several others.
The two most common requests I receive are help with 1) Synthesizing and understand ideas and ideologies, and 2) writing papers.

1) Understanding Ideas
• From the Hegelian Dialectic to the culture industry, to ontological gender theory, I can present key concepts and ideas in a clear, digestible way for novice and experienced students.
2) Writing Papers
• Synthesizing and organizing the ideas of thinkers takes a certain kind of training that can take years if the student is not properly taught how to write. I can give you some of the best advice and guidelines on how to organize your thoughts with the ideas of the thinkers you will be asked to write about.
• As an ethnographer, I can help anthropologists and sociologists apply key concepts like “participant observation” and “thick description” to the field in question.



University of California - Santa Cruz

Cross-Cultural Musicology


University of California - Riverside



California State University - Fullerton

Music Theory and Philosophy

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