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My name is Christie Ann Templeton. I am a singer, songwriter, and music producer. I graduated from UMKC with a degree in Studio Recording where I learned how to; record live instruments and vocals, program modular synthesis, apply digital editing and mix engineering. I have studied guitar, piano, and voice for the past 40 years. I personally have written and produced many styles including Blues, Rock, Pop, and EDM genres including House, Trap, and Trance. Currently her personal focus in on various EDM genres.

I am called a hyphenate, in that I do everything necessary to create, share, and promote my music, I do not hire professionals. Over the years I have learned nearly every aspect of music production, performance, and additionally I have my own label, run every aspect of the music business administrative side. I pass on all of my experience to you so you can save money and time by learning how to perform roles you would otherwise hire out for.

Here are some of the subject I provide instruction and tutoring in:

**Artist Development**
I will assess where you are at and help you come up with a 5 year plan to fit your goals, and coach you to execute every step on the way to success.

**Live Looping with Ableton**
Learn how to setup and perform with a live looping rig, MIDI controllers, and Ableton

**Digital Music Production**
Learn how to record, mix, and master on todays leading audio recording software, including Cubase, ProTools, Logic, and also learn on free software including Audacity and Garageband.

**EDM Production Techniques**
Learn genre-specific EDM production techniques and software.

**Modular Synthesis**
Learn how to create specific sounds on Native Instruments Massive, Synlenth, and other virtual modular synthesis software.

**Music Production for Singers**
Learn how to produce your own basic demo tracks on free and professional software. This is less intensive class designed to help singers who have no recording or instrumental experience to be able to make backing tracks for themselves so they don’t have to hire producers or use the same karaoke backing track everyone else is.

Learn to DJ with turntables or Pioneer digital DJing system and Serato.

**Songwriting Coaching**
For students who want to write songs but need assistance with developing the lyrics, melody, determining the key signature, and then writing out the chord progressions for your backing band. I can help you at any point in your songwriting process.

**Music Business Administration Coaching**
Learn all the aspects of music business including: Selecting a Performers Right Organization,
How to license cover songs, How to copyright your music, Publishing your own music to paid digital download and CD presses, Collecting royalties, How to book gigs, and more.

**Building & Maintaining a Wordpress Artist/Band Website**
Learn how to build and maintain your own band/artist website using Wordpress. Save money by hosting your own site. Be more in control of the design. Monitize your site. Learn security and backend administration.

**Graphic Design for DJs, Artists, and Bands**
Learn how to use free and paid software to create all of your own graphics, including social media branding, album covers, photo editing, etc. I will walk you through all of the steps to get your branding created for all of your media.

**Video Editing for DJs, Artists, and Bands**
Learn how to make your own music videos. From filming to post production to publishing using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects.

**Guitar Lessons**
I teach beginner and intermediate guitar on both acoustic and electric. I specialize in blues, rock, pop, and EDM styles.

**Piano Lessons**
I teach beginner and intermediate piano lessons.



University of Missouri - Kansas City

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