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I am a UCI graduate with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. I have an extensive background in tutoring spanning over a 7 year period. In those 7 years I have privately tutored students, held a tutoring position at a local tutoring center, and helped students prepare for the standardized ACT & SAT exams. I continue to tutor in addition to my full time job because I truly enjoy being able to assist a student in connecting with the subject material and successfully comprehending it. I spend time with my students ensuring that they not only know the material, but confidently can handle the material.

With my extensive experience, I have been able to develop a means of being extremely flexible with my clients. I am always a text or phone call away for all my students and I offer my clients weekly scheduling to accommodate constant changes that occur. This allows us to successfully schedule critical sessions in preparations for exams and quizzes and even reduce sessions if we have a light week. I do not hold a client to a strict schedule and will always be flexible as needed. I encourage any parent looking for a tutor to reach out, feel free to set up a talk with me and yourself; we can discuss more of my background and establish the goals and expectations you have for your student.



University of California - Irvine

Biomedical Engineering

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