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As a student who flourished with the help of tutoring in school, I understand what it takes to be a successful student and what teaching practices work best from a student’s perspective. Many times, students feel disengaged not because of a lack of capacity to be successful; rather, students are presented with information that is not best suited for their individual learning styles. Having faced this situation as a student, I am well equipped to present information to students in a more comprehensible format than in a typical classroom. In addition, having experienced different qualities of tutors myself, I know what methods are best suited for each child’s individual needs.
Having graduated top of my class with a B.S. in Business Administration and A.A.s in Social Science and Business, I have decided to take my passion for lifetime learning to tutoring and teaching.
Before realizing I wanted to be a tutor and educator, my choice of future was far murkier. During most of my grade school years, I flourished in music and athletics, but idea of being a teacher was far from my mind. By the time I entered college, I believed I would have a career in music. However, during my first year when I discovered alternative careers, I realized that I no longer wished to pursue music. Consequently, I changed majors three times until business stuck. Though, even after selecting business, I experimented with several career paths, including marketing analytics and product management before realizing that I was an academic at heart.
Presently, I am earning my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at University of California Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business; my emphasis is in marketing and International Business. Upon graduation I intend to work as a college lecture, while simultaneous tutoring and earning my PhD. in International Business. My decision to embark on my MBA was out of love for the theory of business and a desire to advance my career; though, my decision for a PhD came out of three reasons: I discovered that I excel at teaching/presenting, I truly love teaching, I would like to contribute work that advances the business sciences.



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