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I finished off my senior year of High School by taking nine Advanced Placement tests. I took the prep class for Advanced Placement European History, but not for any of the other subjects. I successfully earned credit for four of these courses. I am well acquainted with this coursework and enjoy helping students prepare for it! My AP coursework allowed me to enter The University of California, Riverside as a sophomore. I was a History major for my first quarter and received exceptional grades. I have since transferred to my Local Community in order to begin taking pre-requisite classes for Computer Engineering. I have extensive knowledge in the liberal arts including Writing, European and World History and the Advanced Placement tests in which they correlate with. I am confident that I am able to assist students in any avenue in which they find struggle in these subjects. I also ran an SAT/ACT Prep Club/Class at my former High School which resulted in higher scores for most students who participated. I try to be up to date in terms of relevant knowledge of History as possible. I regularly read History textbooks, listen to lectures by credited professors on You Tube while also analyzing prominent Historical books and sources which both of these avenues use. My favorite History textbook to read for fun is Western Civilization, Sixth edition by Jackson J. Spielvogel. Although it is not the latest edition, newer editions of this book tend to read in a lot more simplified way. My favorite professors to listen to in my spare time include Ryan Reeves and Tom Richey, both of whom exemplify a very captivating way of teaching that I attest helped me and can also help students in their academic journeys.



University of California - Riverside


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Advanced Placement Scholar Award



English (K-8) High School Level English College Level English ESL/ESOL Essay Writing Reading & Comprehension Proofreading Study Skills Vocabulary



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European History World History

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