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It is my passion, skill, and expertise to help guide youth in learning Science and in the beautiful language of Spanish. I have years of teaching both Science and Spanish to youth and feel extremely capable of being an online tutor. Based on my formal education and life experience as a Spanish Language and Environmental Science educator, I believe I am a perfect fit to Tutor you in any subject relating to Science and/or Spanish.

I graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) with Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Studies, with a focus in Agroecology. During my time at UCSC I excelled in over 2 years of college level Spanish courses. In the winter of 2007, I Studied Intermediate Level Spanish at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile through a partnership with The Education Abroad Program at UCSC. I have taken several upper-division classes in the Latina American Studies Department at UCSC, taught entirely in Spanish. I am fluent in reading, writing, and conversational Spanish at a University level.

As a part of my college thesis I participated in a Teaching Field Study internship working with The Community Agroecology Network, The University of California, Santa Cruz, and the Autonomous University of Yucatan, Mexico. Working in the community of Cepeda, Mexico I collaborated with teachers, community activists, and medicinal plant healers. I taught students of a local junior high school about traditional plant medicine (taught entirely in Spanish and Mayan.) The students and I planted a medicinal plant garden, based on medicinal plant knowledge I learned from the traditional Mayan plant medicine healers. I completed my Environmental Studies thesis titled; “Participatory Action Research in the Community of Cepeda, in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico for The Preservation and Regeneration of Traditional Mayan Plant Medicine.”

Most recently, I was an Education Consultant at KRH Education Consulting, where I had the great pleasure of tutoring everything from Biology, Earth Science to Spanish to High School youth. Prior to this position in regards to teaching Spanish, I worked with the nonprofit Viva Español, where I taught Spanish and led cultural activities; such as Spanish songs and games with 5th graders at Crocker Highlands Elementary in Oakland, CA. 

In addition to my Science and Spanish teaching experiences as a volunteer I worked with GRUPEDSAC (The Group for the Promotion of Education and Sustainable Development) in the community of Ejutla, Oaxaca, Mexico. I taught (entirely in Spanish) visiting groups from all over Mexico the principles and concepts of Agroecology. I have lived and farmed with a Kichwa family in Northern Ecuador. As a WWOOF Participate I did a work exchange with an organization that facilitated Mapuche cultural awareness programs with the indigenous Mapuche of Southern Chile.

Teaching is my calling in life and I am very passionate about our Natural World and the Sciences that seek to understand and take care of it. I am also very passionate about the Spanish language! It is extremely rewarding for me to both teach and inspire youth about Spanish and Science. I deeply thank you for reading this letter and I am very much looking forward to being your Spanish and Science Tutor.


David Sussberg



University of California - Santa Cruz

Environmental Studies/Agroecology




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