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I hold a B.A. in English with a writing emphasis from Santa Clara University, and my career has always involved both writing and editing. I have published work in outlets including Disney Online and the Disney Insider newsletter,, Entertainment Today, Box Office Magazine, PC Portables Magazine, and more. I also have extensive experience as a copy editor, and I grasp the fine points of English grammar and usage -- I can teach students not just WHAT is right, but WHY it's right! As an editor, I have learned what makes writing effective, whether it's a factual term paper or a creative short story. At Disney, I was responsible for leading seminars on writing skills for producers and other staff. I'm widely read in both American and international literature and versed in critical theory. I've been a passionate reader all my life and can share my enthusiasm with students.

I've spent my career writing and editing. I've covered topics from movies to computing, from theme park attractions to health care. In that time, I've learned so much about how to communicate in writing -- to be funny, persuasive, informative, and clear. As an editor, I've shared that knowledge with other writers and colleagues, but I'm very excited to get to share it with students. I want to help you make your voice heard, to become an effective and exciting writer with the ability to excel in school and life.

My hours are flexible and I'm happy to find a schedule that works for you. I believe learning should not be a grind but an adventure, and that students learn best as partners with their instructor. Please schedule a lesson and see how much more effective your English skills can become.



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