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I am an Astrophysics major with a knack for Mathematics! Whether it be basic arithmetic or 3rd order differential equations, I can be sure to give you a clear understanding of mathematical concepts!

(Recommended by Ben)



Glendale Community College



University of California - Santa Cruz


Awards & Honors


National Aerospace Scholar



Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Calculus Geometry Logic Prealgebra Precalculus Trigonometry


English (K-8) High School Level English College Level English ESL/ESOL Essay Writing Grammar Literature Reading & Comprehension Phonics Proofreading Study Skills Vocabulary


ESL/ESOL Spanish


Astronomy Biology Earth Science Physics


Basketball Bodybuilding Fitness Martial Arts

Christopher ’s Rating



Samantha A.

5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

Christopher tutored my child (Johnny) for 2 years from grade 5-7. We worked on Mathematics mostly since this was Johnny's weakest topic and it gave him the most trouble during school. Christopher and Johnny had a great relationship and he would look forward to the weekends when Christopher would come over and help him with his math. He was very patient and took the time to explain anything Johnny didn't understand with amazing detail. We stopped working with Christopher after year 7 mainly because Johnny was doing so well in his classes at that point! Would definitely ask him to tutor us again in the future!

a year ago

Lauren B.

5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

I started looking for a tutor when I decided to start taking on math courses at my college. Since I took a break from school after I graduated High School, I definitely needed some help getting back on track. I was lucky enough to meet Christopher to help me get through all the assessments and beginning math courses. He helped me prepare for the math assessment needed to evaluate where I was in my math and I placed into Pre-Calculus. I had never even heard of most of the concepts we were going over in class so I asked for his assistance through out the year. His explanations of the new concepts were what I liked the most. The professors in class didn't take the time to really make sure we understood, but Christopher has this method of explaining concepts so they just make since, I will continue to look to him for as long as I need help in my math.

a year ago

Jonah M.

5.0 Articulation
5.0 Proficiency
5.0 Punctuality

I needed a lot of help with my Calculus courses, I seriously had no idea what was going on. Christopher helped me understand the class right when I was ready to give up. I probably wouldn't have finished Calculus without him.

a year ago

Hugh K

5.0 Articulation
4.0 Proficiency
4.0 Punctuality

I went from Trigonometry know nothing to Trigonometric master! This guy really knows his stuff. Needs more availability.

a year ago