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Hi, I’m Cauveri! I graduated cum laude from Barnard College, Columbia University, where I studied American History, Creative Writing, and was a senior editor for the Columbia Daily Spectator. I have been a professional tutor, most recently with AJ Tutoring, and am currently a college essay editing consultant for college guidance counselors. The college application process, and especially the essay writing process, are stressful and pressure-filled. Within this process, however, I have witnessed the potential for students to find new confidence and gain prowess in their writing and critical thinking—tools that will continue to serve them in their academic and professional lives. Through college essay tutoring, I provide students with a toolkit for organization throughout the process, crucial brainstorming, and multiple rounds of supportive editing based around the student’s values, strengths, and comfort. In doing so, I aim to cultivate the fertile ground in which students can craft the compelling essays that make their applications unforgettable to admissions officers.

I apply the same goals and ethos to middle and high school academic writing. Whether English or Social Studies, students can tackle essay writing of all kinds with guidance and support.

I tutored English, AP Lit and Lang, American History, and APUSH at AJ Tutoring and currently consult college guidance counselors in editing application essays. My experience with tutoring has ranged from middle schoolers through college students, including students without confidence in their academic performance as well as students excelling at their schoolwork who want to continue to refine their skills.

I want to meet students wherever they are and apply the structures and knowledge that we both have in order to help them access the full range of their own potential. Get in touch with any questions and to schedule a lesson!



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