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I have been teaching Chemistry and preparing students for the Chemistry Regents for 5 years but have been tutoring students for over 10 years. I love teaching chemistry because I know what it feels like to struggle in the subject in high school and make lesson easy by breaking down concepts into small chunks of manageable information. I have experience with gifted, IEP, and ELL students as well as students from diverse backgrounds.

I attended a practice based graduate program focused on continuous feedback and application of teaching skills. RELAY Graduate school prepared me with inquiry and rigorous practices in science teaching that guided the student to a higher level of understanding. Modeling the practices of NYC Teaching Fellows my students learn through their own inquiry and discovery using the newest pedagogy in modeling and engineering practices. I was continually trained in my skills and experience with monitoring and visitations by my graduate professors into my classroom for 2 years of my teaching practice.

Teaching is something that matters to me because as a student I realized how important it was to truly understand the material on a deeper level. This understanding was directly linked to the enthusiasm and skill levels of my teachers as well as my own capabilities. Struggling as a youth with my own learning led me to a greater appreciation of the quality and effectiveness of inquiry based teaching. I believe in scaffolding the material so that all levels of learners have access to the material they need to be successful. That rigor is not simply difficult questions, but a process that can be achieved through carefully guided questions in discussion to build on the current level of student understanding.

I have worked since 2015 in a high needs environment being able to deliver blended learning opportunities to students in a mixed level classroom environment. For 5 years I have worked with a high needs population, and continued to scaffold curriculum to the needs of gifted and special education students. Students readily use technology to enhance and strengthen their understandings with models and simulations as well as incorporating project based learning. Students are taught their concepts through a larger overall idea that telescopes down to the details of the standards that need to be met. All while allowing deeper synthesis, and linked to cross cutting concepts in other curriculum from other courses. Learning is best achieved when it can be connected to all subjects, and understood continuously and cohesively.

I believe that science literacy is extremely important in students' education and students must be practiced in the demands of college ready research and education practices. I have practiced flipped classrooms where the students are responsible for reviewing the material before class. This way we may spend class time tackling the larger projects that connect the basic content to larger ideas and experiments that provide an inquiry based approach to learning science. Many lessons are modeled after the 5E model where students must explore, extend, and evaluate their learning throughout the lesson. Ultimately students become the teachers in their own classrooms where they internalize the content and break it down to their own classmates in a lesson presentation.

If you are struggling in science I am ready to help you as I have a passion for all science, not just chemistry. I am patient and kind, my students regularly claim me as their favorite teacher. I look forward to taking the fear and frustration out of science for you!

I am experienced in teaching and tutoring science for over 10 years. I have prepared students for the Living environment Regent and the Chemistry Regent as well as the SAT Subject tests in science.

I like to make tutoring fun and learning easy! My students refer to me as their favorite teacher! I will work hard to make sure you understand and take the time we need to make you confident in science or any subject you might be struggling with. I feel great when I can give my students the feeling of being successful and smart, and I believe everyone can learn and be a good student in science if they have the support and help of a good teacher and tutor! Contact me to sign up :)



Relay Graduate School of Education

Master in the Art of Teaching Chemistry


University of California - Santa Cruz

Political Science Theory and Ancient Political Thought






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