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My name is Nathaly and I am an SAT/ACT teacher, writing teacher, English teacher, and college counselor. I graduated from Yale University with a B.S. in Cognitive Science and an Education Studies Certification.

SAT/ACT Test Prep
Taking the standardized tests is a crucial part of this process, and with each class, I aim to make the process as meaningful and less stressful as possible. As a test prep tutor, I prepared over 200 students for the PSAT, SSAT, SAT, ACT, and SSAT, with the verbal sections as my main focus. I also tutored a few students on the verbal section of the GRE. My students improved dramatically in their writing and test scores. I have had students with 10 point increases on specific sections of the ACT, and on average a 100-150 point increase on the SAT. I teach my students that it’s about getting into the mind of the tests, learning their tricks, and not letting them scare you. I use a personalized and active teaching style. I explain the material in a very clear and thorough way and I am very patient, always personalizing my classes. Some of my students say that what they learn with me in a day is more than what they've learned in all their years of school. I create my own worksheets and study guides, which I also cater to each student. I work on all sections of the tests, and if you want to work on specific sections, we can definitely do that as well!

In my typical class, I start with a thorough explanation of the test, its structure and timing. I explain how to get into the mind of the test and how to learn its tricks, covering general test taking strategies and managing test anxiety. Next, I make sure to cover the essentials of English grammar that appear on every test and the basic mathematical topics. We then correct the student's homework and identify errors and find areas for improvement. I help the student find strategies for those specific problems and ways to tackle similar types of problems. I then assign homework which will help the student practice the topics covered and continue improving.

College Counseling
As a college counselor, I am passionate about helping students grow and guiding them to find their best college fit, a place where they can grow and develop their emotional intelligence, talents, and potential. My sessions with my students are rife with authenticity, kindness, and depth and they are always personalized for each student's particular situation and development. I have a talent for asking questions that help students find their story for their personal statements, and I give students writing exercises that develop their skills as writers, so that they are able to craft a beautifully written, honest, and vulnerable narrative of personal growth. I have helped over 100 students write their essays and find programs and universities that were the best fit for their interests and personalities. My students were admitted into excellent colleges worldwide, such as University College London, the University of British Columbia, and University of California, Berkeley.



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