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Greetings! My name is Jade and I am looking to put my gifts of Writing/Reading/Comprehension to work helping students in the name of the Lord. I attended Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA, where I majored in English and obtained a Creative Writing Certificate. While in attendance there I made the Dean's List and received the Endeavor Award. Throughout my school years from 5th grade to college I have worked with a wide range of students, ranging from autistic, to ADD and I understand that all students have various strengths and weaknesses. Patience and compassion are important qualities when instructing anyone.

During my studies at Cerritos, I was recommended by one of my Professors to work in the Success Center as and Reading/Writing tutor as well as an ESL (English as a Foreign Language) tutor. In High school I assisted my Senior English teacher in correcting and grading the English essays of my classmates. After I graduated she invited me to continue these services with her new classes for the following school year. In addition, I've also done online editing for screenplays and assisted elementary students in my community that were behind in reading and writing.

Words are powerful. They can build as well as destroy. The Word of God is living, thus, it is imperative that the generation we raise up can read, understand and comprehend God's Word. This world will lie to us constantly and without the wisdom of Christ our children will have no way to discern the voice of Jesus from all the other voices that assail them as they journey through life. Therefore, I consider it a great privilege to help provide student with the tools necessary to navigate this world through the eyes of Jesus Christ.



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