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Its all about empowering an individual to be the best that they can be. I tutored Adult Basic Education classes in the early 90. As I pursued my career, I quickly learned that the most fundamental part of being a successful manager or leader was to train and develop everybody to their fullest potential. People always ask what if you train people and they leave. I always quote Henry Ford, " What if you don't and they stay?"
Then came a curve ball in my family life. My middle son was having trouble at school. Misdiagnosed Aspergers, to ADHD, and then to Bi-polarism. We then began homeschooling our children. After a tremendous amount of research, I came to the conclusion that we each learn in different ways. I discovered, as John Holt said, "The biggest enemy to learning is the talking teacher." I then made it my mission to make an impact by trying to identify teaching methods catered to individual learning styles. I learned that we must first explain, then explain and demonstrate. Next we have the student explain and demonstrate, and we follow up with positive feedback. I have studied the impact of the internet and ready available information and its effects on how we learn. I am a Microsoft Innovative Educator and I live to see when, by changing the teaching method, the student suddenly has an "aha moment". Its called "eureka effect" by some. This is when learning comprehension multiplies and students become extremely engaged.

My teaching style caters to the needs of the individual student. I have had to learn different strategies that I have successfully implemented with previous students to enhance their understanding of both simple and complex mathematical expressions

I have been an Executive Trainer for most of my 30 year career.

I have owned my own business as well as worked in executive level environments for hyper-growth companies where I was entrusted to use my servant leader strategies to empower the workforce to maximize their full potential. This created a stronger more knowledgeable set of teams that remain engaged and in turn began focusing on the development of others. This created more jobs and strengthened the communities.

Knowledge is not power until it is shared. My mission is to impact and empower as many people as possible. My dream is that through helping people understand the whys and helping them stretch outside their comfort zone that we can have a positive impact in creating a better tomorrow. By exemplifying that anyone through shared knowledge, understanding, and empowerment can achieve anything based on their determination and the merits of their work.



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